Pomeranian Grooming Needs

Pomeranians have a thick undercoat that requires regular brushing to maintain and they need grooming every 6-8 weeks to maintain clean sanitary areas such as their tummies and feet. Brushing a Pomeranians undercoat requires parting the hair and brushing in sections to ensure all of the undercoat is brushed out thoroughly. Regular baths are also required to help prevent skin issues such as fungus growth.

To ensure a healthy long lasting coat it is best to use quality shampoos and conditioners such as Earthbath, a totally natural product, using human or generic shampoo can lead to a dry brittle coat.

Pomeranians are notorious for their bad teeth. Regular tooth brushing can help prevent dental disease. Most Pomeranians will need a dental cleaning done by a veterinarian once a year.

Quick Grooming Tips
  • Brush your Pomeranian often, weekly at minimum

  • Brushing their teeth weekly can prevent dental disease

  • Grooming is required every 6-8 weeks

  • Nails need trimming every 6-8 weeks at minimum, including dewclaws

  • Quality shampoos and conditioners for bathing can make a huge difference

Looking for the best Pom groomer around?

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She is a house-call groomer with many years of experience serving the Sachse/Garland area.

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