Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: We do not have a physical facility. All of the dogs we have in the rescue are living in private residence with their foster parents. Our foster homes are spread out all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Q: Do you adopt out of state?

A: Yes, if you are willing to travel to the Dallas, TX area to pick up your adoptive dog in person.

Q: How long does the adoption process take?

A: From the time you submit the application you should have a response within 48 hours if you're approved. However, applications are not reviewed on weekends, so you may have a delayed response over the weekends. Once approved the remainder of the process is all dependent yours and the foster's schedules. Most of the time adoptions are completed within a week.

Q: Why are your adoption fees so high?

A: We are a small privately funded 501(c)(3) charity. In order to afford the proper care the poms need it costs us on average $454 just to vet the dog. We also have to feed the dog while they're in our care, provide heartworm preventive for over 100 dogs every month, plus other expenses we occur for things such as events. Many of our wonderful volunteers end up putting thousands of their own money into the rescue each year just because we don't have enough to stay saving the dogs. Additionally, the majority of our donations end up paying for special case dogs that need expensive surgeries. The cost of owning a Pomeranian will exceed our adoption fees, and we've already taken care of the first year of vetting for you. The dog will come spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated if necessary, we provide dental cleanings for every dog that needs it, and we treat for all parasites upon intake.

Q: What are the requirements to foster?

A: We need foster homes that can take in dogs that may not necessarily be perfect, but truly need your help in moving on to the next phase of their lives. The majority of the dogs needing foster homes are males, and usually not teeny tiny. You'll be matched with an appropriate foster dog based on the requirements of your household. Unfortunately hand picking your foster is usually not an option, as the need for fosters changes on a daily basis. If you find that you are dead set on a certain pom then you are better off adopting. We will cover all necessary expenses for the dog, we just need you to provide food and a loving home. You can find more information about fostering here.

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